Pony Dental Speculum With Biothene Straps And Bite Plates

REF: 19-032

Germany Stainless and Finest Craftsmanship

Premium Quality Biothane Straps and Bite Plates

Lifetime Warranty

Cross Canada's premium quality dental speculum is manufactured using the drop-forge method. This dental speculum is ideal for small horses and ponies. Their smaller size enables technicians to work as normal but with a more secure fitting that does not swamp smaller heads. It is equipped with ratchet settings for multiple opening options. The extra depth of these ratchets provides extra security to avoid unexpected closing of the speculum whilst on the horse's mouth. It comes with biothane straps that are flexible and easy to clean and premium bite plates.

This speculum comes with a "spreader bar effect" that keeps the sides of the speculum bent outwards and do not collapse into the horse’s cheek during the dental procedures.