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Showing 1 - 24 of 54 products
Universal Bandage Scissors, 7.5" (19cm)
Universal Bandage Scissors, 7.5" (19cm)
Sale price$10.00
Spencer (Littauer) Stitch Scissors, 3.5" (9cm)
Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors, 7" (18cm), Curve
Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors, 5.5" (14cm), Curve
Lister Bandage Scissors, 4.5" (11.5cm), Smooth, Blunt/Blunt
Universal Bandage Scissors, 5.75" (14.5cm)
Lister Bandage Scissors, 5.5" (14cm), Smooth, Blunt/Blunt
Spencer (Littauer) Stitch Scissors, 4.5" (11.5cm)
Mayo Dissecting Scissors, 6.75" (17cm), Curved, Blunt/BluntMayo Dissecting Scissors, 6.75" (17cm), Curved, Blunt/Blunt
Umbilical Cord Scissors, 4" (10cm)
Umbilical Cord Scissors, 4" (10cm)
Sale price$22.00
Spencer (Littauer) Stitch Scissors, 5.5" (14cm)
Post Mortem Scissors, 7.5" (19cm)
Operating Scissors, 6.25" (16cm), Straight, Sharp/Sharp
Operating Scissors, 6.25" (16cm), Straight, Sharp/Blunt
Operating Scissors, 5" (12.5cm), Straight, Sharp/Blunt
Operating Scissors, 6.25" (16cm), Curved, Sharp/Blunt
Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors, 7" (18cm), Straight
Universal Bandage Scissors, 6" (15cm)Universal Bandage Scissors, 6" (15cm)
Universal Bandage Scissors, 6" (15cm)
Sale price$10.00
Operating Scissors, 5.75" (14.5cm), Curved, Sharp/Sharp
Operating Scissors, 5" (12.5cm), Curved, Sharp/Sharp
Operating Scissors, 6.25" (16cm), Straight, Blunt/Blunt
Operating Scissors, 5" (12.5cm), Straight, Blunt/Blunt
Operating Scissors, 5.75" (14.5cm), Striahgt, Sharp/Sharp
Operating Scissors, 5" (12.5cm), Straight, Sharp/Sharp

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