Dermatoscope Diagnostic Set, Led

REF: 11-050

Cross Canada 2.5V Dermatoscope (skin surface microscope) features:

*     Helps with early detection of suspicious skin lesions and moles to diagnose confidently and accurately

*    Bright 2.5V LED illumination and 10x optic system ensure true tissue color for accurate identification

*     Removable contact plate is autoclavable

*     Large knurled focusing ring

*     Comfortable soft synthetic rubber eyepiece

*     Reticle contact plate etched onto the lens in millimeters permits easy measurement of suspicious lesions

*     Instrument head with Bayonet locking mount for secure connection to the battery handle

*     "C" cell powered battery (batteries not included) handle with rheostatic on/off switch

*     Knurled handle for a positive grip

*     Complete with nylon zippered pouch that holds the instrument and spare contact plate

The set contains:

Dermatoscope (skin surface microscope) head


Dermatoscope (skin surface microscope) handle


Reticle contact plate


Replacement Bulb


Foam-lined fitted case